Pelikan K600 Special Edition Vibrant Orange

Picture of Pelikan K600 Special Edition Vibrant Orange

Pelikan Souveran K600 Special Edition Vibrant Orange Ballpoint Pen

MYR 1399.00

SKU: FWI809511

Manufacturer: Pelikan

This new and colourful series reflects the beautiful colour transition as seen in autumn. The bright acrylic material used for this series had to undergo several production steps to more accurately capture and re-create the range of bright foliage colours. The interesting colour nuances from light-transparent to intense orange characterize this series and make the writing instruments nearly gleam.
The ballpen comes with twisting mechanism, fitted the international size Pelikan 337 reill.

Weight 25g
Length 128mm
Diameter 11.5mm
Barrel Material High-quality resin, cellulose acetate
Clip Material Metal
Mechanism Twist