Pelikan K600 Special Edition Violet White

Picture of Pelikan K600 Special Edition Violet White

Pelikan Souveran K600 Special Edition Violet White Ballpoint Pen

MYR 1399.00

SKU: K600

Manufacturer: Pelikan

Special Edition
Souverän® 600 Violet-White
This particular special edition: violet-white stressman design surely gives you WOW factor to keep the ballpen as your daily writting tool.

The white parts are made of high-quality resin that is first turned and then polished to a high sheen. The barrel with the white and violet stripes is made of cellulose acetate that was very carefully manufactured and turned into a sleeve. All rings and the typical Pelikan clip are plated with 24 carat gold. 

The twisting mechanism gives you the elegant movement to on/off the ballpen while you are writing. Kept the ballpen away in the special design gift box.

Weight 25g
Length 128mm
Diameter 11.5mm
Barrel Material High-quality resin, cellulose acetate
Clip Material Metal
Mechanism Twist