Pelikan K805 SE Blue Dunes

Picture of Pelikan K805 SE Blue Dunes

Pelikan Souveran Special Edition K805 Blue Dunes Ballpoint Pen

MYR 1699.00

SKU: FWI813396

Manufacturer: Pelikan

Special Edition

Souverän® 805 blue dunes

Gaze at the new Series Souverän® 805 Blue Dunes and find yourself fascinated by a world of colours. Contrasts of shadow and light interplay in hues from brilliant azure to deep, midnight blue. The composition of flowing silhouettes displays distinct patches of colour, yet it also harmoniously unites the varying shades of blue. Like the colour of sand dunes under a midnight moon, the interplay of blues in each 805 Blue Dunes writing instrument is unique.

A twisting mechanism ballpoint pen to match with the beautiful fountain pen is also featured in the range.

Weight 28g
Length 143mm
Diameter 12mm
Barrel Material High-quality resin, cellulose acetate
Clip Material Metal
Mechanism Twist