Pelikan K805 SE Ocean

Picture of Pelikan K805 SE Ocean

Pelikan Souveran Special Edition K805 Ocean Swirl Ballpoint Pen

MYR 1599.00

SKU: FWI806053

Manufacturer: Pelikan

Special Edition

Souverän® 805 Ocean Swirl
This distinctive new special edition series has been crafted using a unique material providing a truly spectacular look and appearance of each Ocean Swirl pen. Exposure to light further enhances and adds sparkle and depth which vary in intensity. Just like in the deep sea, bright spots alternate with dark spots mimicking the light that radiates and is found in the ocean. Each writing Instrument is truly unique. The rings and the clip are palladium plated. 

Weight 28g
Length 143mm
Diameter 12mm
Barrel Material High-quality resin, cellulose acetate
Clip Material Metal
Mechanism Twist