Pelikan Level 5

Picture of Pelikan Level 5

Pelikan Level 5 Blue Black Cap Fountain Pen MEDIUM nib + Additional 1 bottle Level 65 ink - Discontinued model since year 2001

MYR 150.00

SKU: 977363

Manufacturer: Pelikan

Pelikan Level 5 fountain pen design is completely different from other Pelikan fine writing instrument family.

The ink capacity of the fountain was about three times of a conventional piston filler and five times of an ink cartridge. The tank was filled using a special ink bottle with a valve system.
The entire barrel of the Level serves as ink storage. Closest to the nib, at the grip section; is the writing reservoir, which is separated by a valve from the rest of the storage tank. A separation of reserve tank and writing tank was required to ensure a safe venting of the tank via the ink feed system.Turning the valve wheel on the end of the holder opens this lock and new ink can then run from the storage tank into the writing reservoir.

The first Level L5 models introduced in 1997. It had a transparent blue barrel. The cap, the filling knob and the grip section were black in color.

Running special offer price for this special model, only available in MEDIUM nib size. The fountain pen comes in complete pen case, a pen stand on which the Level could be stored in a safe and decorative way, which also contained an ink bottle holding 30 ml of ink. 

The ink bottle is the key for the fountain pen refilling. It is advisable to keep the ink bottle after finishing using the ink content. 


Weight 26g
Length - Capped 147mm
Diameter 14mm
Barrel Material Plastic
Capped Design Snap On
Clip Material Metal
Filling Mechanism Refilling using a special ink bottle with a valve system
Nib Steel
Package Include Ink Bottle
Package Include Pen Stand