Pelikan M200 Café Crème

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Pelikan Classic M200 Café Crème Fountain Pen

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MYR 487.00

SKU: FWI963314

Manufacturer: Pelikan

Special Edition

Classic 200 Café Crème

A dreamy color combination - inspired by the world of coffee.

If you treasure the finer things in life, chances are high that you’ll know how to savour things – be it a perfect cup of coffee, a latte or a smoothly working fountain pen that glides effordlessly across paper. The beautiful coloring of a latte macchiato drink inspired us to create this fountain pen. It was made for the connoisseurs among you – those who know how to enjoy the things that count.

The series 200 Café-Crème is available in fountain pen writing mode for a limited time. The stainless steel nib of the fountain pen M200 Café-Crème and the decorative elements are gold-plated. Both the dark-brown pieces as well as the creamy colored barrel are made of polished high-quality resin.

Weight 14.9g
Length - Capped 125mm
Length - Posted 150mm
Barrel Material Resin
Capped Design Screw On
Clip Material Metal
Filling Mechanism Piston System
Nib Gold-plated stainless steel nib