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Pelikan Souveran M605 Special Edition White Transparent Fountain Pen [Insert Discount Code : 28OFF018]

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MYR 1699.00

SKU: M605

Manufacturer: Pelikan

Special Edition

Souverän® 605 White-Transparent

Gracefully with a gentle appearance. That‘s the look of the new Special Edition Souverän 605 White-Transparent. Thanks to its tone-in-tone design it seems to be inconspicuous but it is absolutely not. The bright but not cold white colour shades underline the very modern interpretation of the true classic Souverän.

The white and partially transparent barrel is made of cellulose acetate, using a traditional process that is extremely work-intensive. For the white, finely turned parts, high-grade resin was used. The clip and rings are refined with a palladium coating and the completely rhodinized 14 carat gold nib, matches to the silver sheen of the other components. Even the inner parts that slightly shine through the white-transparent barrel of the fountain pen, harmonize perfectly with the white-silver look. Every single writing instrument is mounted by hand and carefully checked to fulfill the strictest quality criteria.

The Souverän 605 White-Transparent is encased in a specially designed gift box.

Weight 16.4g
Length - Capped 134mm
Length - Posted 155mm
Diameter 12.4mm
Barrel Material High-quality resin, cellulose acetate
Capped Design Screw On
Clip Material Metal
Filling Mechanism Piston System
Nib Gold nib 14K/585