Pelikan M800 SE Orange

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Pelikan Souveran Special Edition M800 Burnt Orange Fountain Pen

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MYR 2436.00

SKU: FWI970418

Manufacturer: Pelikan

Souverän® 800 burnt orange

The warm orange hue which was used for these writing instruments is perfectly complemented by the dark-brown components. Both the barrel as well as the cap of the series 800 burnt orange are made of high-quality resin which is first turned and then polished to a high sheen. For extra soft writing, the fountain pen 800 burnt orange was equipped with an 18 carat two-tone gold nib. It will be available in the sizes F, M, and B.

Weight 28.2g
Length - Capped 142mm
Length - Capped 167mm
Diameter 13.1mm
Barrel Material High-quality resin, cellulose acetate
Capped Design Screw On
Clip Material Metal
Filling Mechanism Piston System
Nib Gold nib 18K/750