Pelikan TGX Zipper Case

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Pelikan TGX Zipper Leather Case

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MYR 340.00
Manufacturer: Pelikan

Pelikan TGX Zipper Black Leather Pen Case for two pens.

This elegant leather case is available in two different versions, either nappa or engrained:

The cover is made of 100% real leather (cow hide) with an embossed logo on the front that is typical for the elegant understatement of the Pelikan brand.
The lining is made of black velvet, a soft material that protects the pens.
The black zipper is flexible and absolutely reliable.
Two sturdy elastics hold one or two pens in their position underneath a leather cover.
This leather case offers excellent value for money with its simple understatement and high quality materials.

Dimensions :- 16.0 x 5.9 x 2.5cm