Pilot Acro 1000 0.7mm

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Pilot Acro 1000 Ballpoint Pen with 0.7mm ballpoint refill

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MYR 45.00


Manufacturer: Pilot

A simple design, light metal body with lacquering overlay finishing. Slim body with diameter of about 10mm, durable push button mechanism. Good balance of weight for grip, and center of gravity is forward for good stable writing position.
The ballpen uses the oil-based refill that adopted the "Acroinqui" feature of smooth writing.
Why Acroine ink?
"Acroine ink" is about 1/5 of the ink viscosity compared to Pilot regular oil-based ink. In addition, by incorporating a lubricant, by reducing the frictional resistance of the ball at the pen tip, the rotation became smooth, realizing a smooth and dense handwriting. Of course, it's outstanding water resistance unique to oil ink.

The Acroball 1000 ballpen comes with black ink, 0.7mm ink refill. The ballpen refill can be replaced with Acroball Refill BRFV-10. Available in :-

size :- 0.5mm (Extra Fine) / 0.7mm (Fine) / 1.0mm (Medium)
ink colors :- Blue / Black

Weight 17g
Length 143mm
Diameter 9.8mm
Barrel Material Metal (Brass)
Clip Material Metal
Mechanism Retractable