Pineider Pen Filler

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Pineider Pen Filler

MYR 108.50

SKU: 99192

Manufacturer: Pineider

Pineider pen filler is a portable ink container allows you to fill up any pen, anywhere at anytime. Compatible with most types of fountain pen filling system. The container comes in three part :-
clear reservoir, a section that locks the pen in place for leak-proof filling, and a top to keep it closed when not in use. Do take note that the maximum ink capacity for the ink reservoir is 10ml. Please read the manual carefully that comes within the packaging.

The filling process is as easy as :-
Insert the fountain pen's nib section --> turn the pen filler lock section, to lock it into place --> turn upside down, and fill your pen!

The pen filler accept the pen's diameter between 9.5mm and 13.5mm, which is the most standard pen's diameter size. Do check out the pen's diameter guide from the packaging as seen in the photo.