Platinum #3776 Nice Lavande

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Platinum #3776 Century Nice Lavande Fountain Pen Fine nib

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MYR 1299.00

SKU: PPNB-20000R#87

Manufacturer: Platinum

Platinum Limited Edition : The #3776 Nice Lavande collection!

Lavande, the French word for lavender, is said to be the "queen of herbs," which is highly fragrant and has been prized as a medicinal herb since ancient Roman times for its healing effect. In flower language, lavender denotes "silence" due to the tranquilizing effect as well as its magically strong scent. As the flower language implies, LAVENDE fountain pen creates a sense of calm, inviting one to breathe deeply into writing, making it unique among other NICE models.

<Barrel Design>  

*It applies a sandblast finish, a process to make asperities on the surface by striking sand grains, providing an opaque glass image.
* On the surface, we have cut grooves at the precise angles with shaper cutting, which depending on the angle of the cut, the shimmer of the light changes.

*It applies “Slip & Seal Mechanism” that prevents dye or pigment ink from drying out in the pen; therefore, even after two years of not using the pen with the cap on, it provides smooth, reliable writing. This mechanism allows those who only use the pen once or twice a year writing with fresh new ink.

Weight 20.5g
Length - Capped 141mm
Length - Posted 154mm
Diameter 13mm
Barrel Material AS Resin
Capped Design Screw On
Clip Material Pink gold finish on beryllium copper
Filling Mechanism Ink Cartridge
Nib Pink gold finish at large 14 gold pen tip
Package Include Converter