Platinum Converter 500

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Platinum Converter 500

MYR 45.00

SKU: 500

Manufacturer: Platinum


Ink converter for Platinum fountain pen, ie. Century 3776 and more.
Content of converter - 0.53cc

Usage :-
1. Replace the ink cartridge with converter. Plug in the converter to the front & nib section.
2. Ensure it is tight, the converter will not be dropping when you hold the nib & front section at upright position.
3. Once the converter is tightly insert, soak the nib section completely into ink bottle. Retrieve ink from ink bottle by turning the converter end knob.
4. Try to turn the knob by retrieving ink from ink bottle, release ink back to ink bottle. Repeat at least two time, to fill up the converter.
NOTE : The ink capacity in the converter is not 90 to 100% filled.